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this had to be love

Takaki Yuya x Chinen Yuri ♥

Takaki Yuya x Chinen Yuri
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A community dedicated to the relationship between Takaki Yuya and Chinen Yuri, no matter what it is.
What is this "Takachinen"?
This is a community dedicated to the relationship between Takaki Yuya and Chinen Yuri, who're both members of the Johnny's-group Hey! Say! JUMP (their community on lj are hey_say, which we are affiliated with). It doesn't matter if you hardcore believes there's something going on between them, if you think they're OTP (One-True-Pairing) or if they're simply cute together.

Ah, right, but is there anything I need to know about?
Yep. Rules. This is the community which is centered on Takachinen solemnly, and thereof there are a few rules to keep it that way (and also nice in other ways);

♥ Comment. Comment. Comment. Why? Comments make people happy and keeps the community alive.

♥ Thou shall not bash other pairings. Only if it is related to Takachinen somehow and your post has a meaning to it, like "I like Takachinen better than Blablablah because Blablablah". Not a whole post only about "Sdfrgthyj omg you gaiz I rly hate YamaChii".
I think you all get the meaning.

♥ Do not bash each other either. That's not a nice thing to do. If I found out that you do this, I'll suspend you from the community until you give a proper reason why you acted like you did.

♥ You're welcome to introduce yourself if you have something that has to do with Takachinen in it and if you bribe us with love.

♥ No spamming. Spamming is equal with suspension.

♥ If you want to advertise, ask me first about it.

♥ Credit those who shall be credited, and do not claim anything you haven't done as your own.

♥ Everything, like, everything has to be connected with Takachinen somehow.

♥ Mark and tag everything properly. In the entry title, it should say (between these two fellows) what the entry is about. And since we've got tags for a reason, those should be used too.

♥ People have a tendence to get mad at those who do not lj-cut if there's a fiction, picture etc. in their post. So please, remember teh cutzzz. Download-links shall be behind cuts too, just as much as they shall be locked.

♥ Coming to think of it, the most of the stuff you post shall be locked. Why? Because if you do that, people will join to see the goodies, and many members makes one big, happy community.

♥ Affiliate with us? You're more than welcome to!

♥ If you have something to complain and/or bitch about (like if there's a bully out there of if someone has plagiarized your work), please take it directly to a mod.

Anything else?
Nah, not really, just remember the rules and then ROCK ON!

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